•        18 November, 2014


November 29th is Small Business Saturday. We will be closed Thursday 27 (Thanksgiving) and Friday 28 (Buy Nothing Day). On Saturday we encourage you to keep it local and stop by for a visit. As a thank you, Everything in the Shop Will be 25 % Off! Hot cider and treats will be on hand. to keep us all happy.


  •          7 October, 2013

I bought four boxes of bike memorabilia from my friend Cigdem last week. At first I had buyer's remorse, but I took them home and washed the dust out of the clothes and am happy to say that there are some real gems amongst the articles. T-shirts w/ Campagnolo, Nishiki, Peugeot logos. Cute kids clothes w/ bikes. A pair of Italian cycling knickers from the seventies. Some 3/4 length Tees, baseball shirt style w/ Joe Cool (Snoopy) etc. When the dust settles from the phone system headache I will get the shirts up for sale and maybe even on the web.



  •          10 April, 2013

Used bikes are selling fast. Almost all we've got left are the fancy roadbikes from our own (kevin and doug) collection.



  •          2 March, 2013

I uploaded a bunch of pictures of our used bikes. It looks like Java went to town and posted a bunch of each. I will sort them out in the next day or two.


  •        28 February, 2013

Geez, nothing noteworthy for over a year. Well that's not true- it's just not that much fun to update this website. Of note is our Facebook page, which sees more regular updates and musings.

Of a more exciting note is our month-long clearance sale. We will be attending the Chicago Bike Swap on March 9th. With this as impetus, we dug deep into the inventory to make space and sell off the one-offs cheap. Wait for the swap meet or come by the shop and take advantage of our sale.

We are also launching a monthly shop ride. March 17 will be the first ride, 9am to noon. This is a chance to explore some gravel by bike. Leave the skinny tires at home, cyclocross and mountain bikes will be the norm. Or a good old roadbike from the 70's, with clearance for real tires. Stay tuned, more details to come.


  •      13 December, 2011

 A month or so back we got in a new line of framesets, by Handsome Cycles. Their flagship model is the XOXO, a thorough replica of Bridgestone's XO-1 from two decades ago. We've built up two of the three sizes that arrived. Below is the 60cm, with moustache bars. As well they make the Devil, and the SheDevil. The Devil is very much like the Surly CrossCheck, however Surly does not make a Mixte/Stepthru frame. Hence the excitement over the She Devil. Ironically, the only Handsome we've sold thus far is a Devil. You can see more of our Handsomes in the Photo Gallery




  • 26 February, 2010

We've gotten three new Sturmey Archer Three-Speed Fixed Hubs. The SX3 is the hub everybody's been waiting for. Sheldon Brown told us it could be made from an existing hub if you have a machine shop at your disposal. now all you need is 230 dollars. A whole lot cheaper! So you get your chosen gear (48x15 for example) plus two lower gears. Normally 48x15 is higher than I would prefer. But when you get to spin up to speed at 75% of that then pop into high it's real nice. Lowest is fine for me too, but I like to spin. Lots of fixed gear riders may find it too low. I'm guessing not a lot of fixed gear bikes get used for hauling trailers or heavy panniers, but lowest gear would be fine for that. Outside of the midwset I'm sure it will be more useful.

  • 1 January, 2010

Happy New Year Everybody! Decades Turning, hmm.


Last week a new Bianchi showed up. The Pista Via Brera. It's named after a street in Bianchi's history- don't aske me. Wow, it's a cool bike. Folks have been putting flat bars on track bikes for a while. Even Bianchi offered the standard Pista with a flat bar last year. But this is different. The bars sweep back a bit- the wrists are at a very comfortable angle. Two brakes for riding free (non-fixed). But what's that in the back? It's not a flip flop hub- you can have both fixed a free! Sram, here in Chicago, has designed a whole new drivetrain. With the twist of a screw(driver) you get to switch between fixed and freewheeling. No more fussing with axle nuts and a wrench, flipping the bike upside down or balancing on the front wheel. By moving the clutch inside the wheel a second, backwards facing set of pawls opens up. They grab when backwards force is given to the drivetrain, while the regular set of pawls grab when forward pedal force is given to the drivetrain.  Smooth and simple.

  • 11 September, 2009

We will be closed on Sunday September 13. We will be enjoying the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin on our fine steeds. This will be the sixth or seventh annual NAMI ride. Start and finish are in Waterford, Wisconsin. Hopefully I will remember to bring a camera for to take some shots.

  • 16 June, 2009

         So I've just spent too much time looking at Rear Derailleurs at this website. It is hilarious in that British humor sort of way. He really bashes Simplex. Can't says I blame him.

          Also, I want youall to bookmark John Greenfield's blog, Vote With Your Feet. If you enjoy good adventure writing, this is the place for you.

  • 4 March, 2009

           We've got TYK pin-up calendars for to buy. If you haven't picked one up at one of their events, now's your chance. These lovely ladies put in a lot of time and effort to come up with a slick looking calendar. Born out of a desire to help women be women, TYK wanted to anchor themselves to an established cause. Thus-  Money raised through the sale of these calendars goes to the Chicago Women's Health Center.

  • 27 February, 2009

           This is old news by now, but I've been busy with the shop itself. Master Craftsman UV has built us a new bikewash of 1/8 inch stainless steel.  ( replaces our old bikewash I made from scrap 20gauge galvanized duct work. It worked well for four years, then developed leaks along some of the caulk joints for another year and a half. It's so nice to have a solid, welded unit to work in. One request was to make the bike clamp moveable, for to fit an array of bike sizes and layouts. UV came up with a simple and elegant design to move the clamp.  My favorite position now is upper left, allowing the whole bike to fit (w/o wheel removal). Just yesterday, Adrian added a few hooks to hang our brushes and such. By the way, UV powdercoated the LloydCycles Touring bike below, and could do yours too.  No job too small- i've heard he'll even powdercoat spokes and toeclips. How about that!?



  •  20 January, 2009

            It's been almost a year, but it was worth the wait. The Boulevard Bikes Custom Tour Mod. 1 by Lloyd Cycles is finally here. And it's beautiful! Lookie here for pictures and words.



  • 5 January, 2009

             Happy New Year! On Saturday the 10th we will be closed so that most of us can ride in the fourth annual Three Floyd's  Ride. It starts at Daley Plaza at ten am, and takes us to the Three Floyd's Brewpub in Munster, Indiana. We then eat and drink, and ride home in the evening. round trip from Logan Square is about sixty or seventy miles. Please join us if you like to ride or drink beer in the wintertime.


  • 18 December, 2008

              We will be closed Dec 24, 25, and 26 for the holidays, opening again on saturday the 27th.  As well, we will be closed Dec 31 and Jan 1 for to get our party on!